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The Academy of Driving is dedicated and committed in delivering quality driver training to all of our customers. We’re a very professional company with very high pass rates for all of our services and we pride ourselves on having the best professional RED Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell. If you’re looking for v or just want weekly driving lessons, then we can provide you RED Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell that suit your convenience. You can find the costs for RED Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell.


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So, if you’ve just googled “driving instructors near me” or “best driving instructors near me” or something similar and you’ve arrived at this page, then stay around a little and read on as we’re probably one of the best vthat can offer you a range of v with excellent first time pass rates. All of our instructors are trained to the highest standard and CRB/DBS approved. We believe in fair pricing so just check out below to see how competitive our prices are against other RED Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell. Remember, we give you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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Per Hour
  • High pass rate
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    Top 5 tips to help you pass your driving


    Passing your driving test can cost a small fortune if you’re not careful and can sometimes take much longer than what you first anticipated. That’s why it’s very important to try to find the right driving school for you FIRST TIME! We’ve put together our top 5 tips to help you pass your driving test as quickly as possible and hopefully save you money.

    Tip 1 – Choose the right instructor for you. Ask friends or family who they used and ask what they thought of their instructor or driving school and try to get a driving instructor that’s fairly local to you . Don’t just make a decision on price alone.

    Tip 2 – Get value for money. Make sure you don’t choose one of the v that does “piggy backing”. This is where at the end of your lesson your instructor picks up their next pupil towards the end of your lesson. Remember, it’s your time that your paying for so you want to get your full monies worth.

    Tip 3 – Be consistent. The more consistent you are having driving lessons then the quicker you should learn. If you leave your driving lessons for weeks apart then you may find that you’ve forgotten some of the information from your previous lessons. By having lessons weekly you’re more than likely to make steady progress. You could even consider having two lessons per week and therefore halving the amount of time it would take to reach test standard if you where to do just one lesson per week.

    An other option for you is to perhaps consider doing two hour lessons or perhaps even an intensive driving course. An intensive driving course is not for everybody so maybe speak with your driving instructor first before committing to taking one.

    Tip 4 – Get some private practice. Getting private practice is a great idea but is not always available to everybody. However, if you have the opportunity to go out with your parents or other relatives or even a friend then we recommend this as a good option to help you to reach driving test standard quicker. Obviously there are laws to going out driving with somebody other than a driving instructor such as car insurance and no motorway driving so speak with your driving instructor first. They will probably also give you some advice on what and where to practice.

    Tip 5 – Study using the correct resources. Learning to drive is not just about jumping in a car and making it move, there’s a lot more to driving than this. Like any skill, it can take time to master and to become confident. That’s why we recommend training materials such as books, apps and even videos on YouTube. As you know, before you can take your driving test you first have to study and pass the theory test. From our research, we know that the theory test for cars has a reasonably low pass rate but you can improve your chances of passing first time by revising using the correct resources. In order to drive safely and not become a liability to other road users, understanding the rules of the road and the correct driving best practices are essential for safe driving and will put you in good stead to help you pass your driving test first time. At The Driving Academy, we have a whole host of resources to help you with all of this.

    Ask Us a Question

    Some people can be a little nervous before making the plunge to book a lesson. That’s why we invite you to ask us any question you like.

    Ask Us a Question

    RED Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell- what is one ?

    Ok, so just what exactly a driving instructor? Without insulting your intelligence, I just want to give you a very quick broad-brush overview on the job of a driving instructor.

    Firstly, a driving instructor has to go through a very rigorous training program. These training programmes are delivered by specialist driver training companies such as The Driving Academy. The driver training company will have specialist staff who are trained to a high standard and have probably undergone lots of continued professional development. So, a driving instructors training program will consist of training an individual to prepare them to pass three qualifying exams. In the industry, these are called Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. You can read much more about training to become a driving instructor here – train to become a driving instructor

    Once a person has successfully passed all three exams, they can then apply to the DVSA to have their name put on a register of Approved Driving Instructors, hence where the initials ADI come from. A driving instructor can either work for a company such as Superdrive or they can set up independently and work for themselves. It’s absolutely their choice. Many driving instructors choose to work for a company for their first year or so once they first qualify, learning the ropes as so to speak.

    Training to become a driving instructor can in some cases take up to two years but most generally do it sooner that this. The training consists of theory and hazard perception tests, a driving test whereby a very high standard of driving is required and then the third and final exam is the ability to instruct exam. Check out our driving instructor training page for more information on this.

    If a potential driving instructor successfully passes the first and second exam, then once they’ve completed a minimum of 40 hours worth of training they can then apply for a trainee teaching licence.

    A trainee licence gives the potential instructor an opportunity to practice their craft but with real life students. This is a very useful way for a driving instructor to gain the experience and to get valuable practice time for their third and final exam. Their are many trainee driving instructors who are better than actual driving instructors. Some of the reasons for this could be because their training is fresh and up-to-date. Not only that, a trainee driving instructor could have other valuable skills, for example, it’s not uncommon for a police officer or a teacher to train to become a driving instructor.

    The majority of driving instructors would have gone down the trainee licence route – some see it as a natural stepping stone to their career. At The Driving Academy, we will on the odd occasion use a trainee driving instructor as we have to keep the industry turning. Our trainee driving instructors are probably better than some driving instructors who have been doing the job for many years.

    What are AA Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell?

    In essence, a driving school is a person who has passed the DVSA qualifying exams to become a driving instructor and has committed to run a business whereby teaching people how to drive. A driving school can be either a single person or a group of people. For example, if you have a look at some driving instructors fairly local to  you will probably see individual school cars with their name on a roof box such as Shaun’s Driving School. Or you may see a group of cars such as BSM floating around the town.

    A driving school will generally teach people to drive to pass their driving test but they could also have students who can already drive for example foreign students who can already drive but just need to exchange their driving licence for a UK one.

    The first big driving school and professional Driver training began as a business in the United Kingdom in 1909-1910. The British School of Motoring (BSM) was founded in 1910 in South London by Hugh Stanley Roberts. It offered hands-on training and courses in driving skills (managing the controls and road aptitude) and repair. It also offered vehicles to drivers who wished to practice. Over a century later there’s probably in the region of 40,000 driving instructors in the United Kingdom.

    A lot of driving schools can offer a variety of courses such as intensive driving courses or sometimes known as crash driving courses. I’m not too sure the “crash driving” is the most appropriate wording but hey ho. It seems to have picked up this nickname from somewhere and stuck.

    What are AA Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell ?

    A driving lesson will have a set time length such as one hour. It could be more but this all depends on the offerings of the driving school. Some driving schools  can offer RED Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell

    In a nutshell, a driving lesson will have  a prearranged start and finish time. It should also have some structure to it, so for example a start, a middle and an end. The overall objective of a driving lesson is to educate, inform and up-skill the student. It’s also important to mention that value for money should be given too. If none of the above are part of a driving lesson then its very unlikely that any learning will take place. In some cases, driving schools can lose clients if this is the case.

    Learning to drive has changed over time and now it’s leaning towards client centred learning. This is where the driving instructor will place the student at the centre of their own learning. This has proved to be popular throughout the education centre so driving instructors have been guided and sometimes re-trained to adopt a client centred approach. Coaching is also a strong element in giving driving tuition and can be part of your RED Automatic Driving Lessons in Stockwell.